Up to the present day

During the first quarter of the 20th century, life at St John’s followed the same pattern as it had pursued for the last four centuries.

The first change came in 1929. The almsmen’s rooms were rearranged to overlook the quadrangle, quieter and with more light. Heating by gas and more modern sanitation was introduced. In 1958, the Master’s House was renovated with the top floor converted into a flat, later into two flats.

The greatest change occurred in 1966/67. This took the form of a single storey common room with a covered entrance. The quadrangle was completed on the west side by a two storey building with four two bedroomed flats.

In 1976 there followed an even more ambitious project following the closure of the Lichfield Theological College in The Cathedral Close. The college buildings were demolished (with the exception of the chapel) and replaced with a further accommodation for older people. ‘The Hospital of St John’s within The Close’  provides attractive accommodation in a beautiful setting.

In the first year of the 21st century, the original 1495 East Wing of St John without the Barrs was renovated. Accommodation was enlarged and up to date kitchens and bathrooms fitted. External staircases were attached to the quadrangle side. The flat in the Master’s house was converted in 1991.