The accommodation at St John’s is spread over two sites both of which are in beautiful settings:

  • St John’s without the Barrs
  • St John’s within the Close

At St John’s without the Barrs, a Grade 1 listed site with a history dating back to 1135 which includes the St. John’s Chapel, there are 30 apartments: 10 with two bedrooms and 20 with one bedroom.

At St John’s within the Close there are 12 apartments: 1 with two bedrooms, 8 with one bedroom and 3 studio apartments.

All the accommodation at St. John’s has been modernised to a high standard and the apartments and common areas are regularly re-decorated.

Each property has a communication alarm that is continuously monitored to bring peace of mind.

Residents pay a weekly maintenance contribution. However the trustees would not wish anyone who is otherwise suitable to feel unable to apply because of financial difficulties.