As these testimonials demonstrate, living at St John’s has transformed lives.

Moving to St John’s has enriched my life more than mere words can express.  I have my own independence, plus the benefit of support and care, whenever, or wherever it is needed.

There is an atmosphere of peace, tranquillity and Christian love. Adversity and worries have been banished from my life, to be replaced with happiness and contentment. I live amidst the most wonderful neighbours who go out of their way to offer loving support, apart from bringing laughter to my life. Our weekly “get together” over coffee is enjoyable and bonds us together.  We all have one thing in common, in that we have all graduated from that great university of life.

The greatest happiness of life, is the conviction that we are loved. Loved for ourselves, or in spite of ourselves.  I feel the most lucky man in the world. I often sit on the balcony of my cosy flat looking out over a “millionaires” view and simply say “thank you Lord”.

Widowed in 2003 and in a poor state of health, I was advised to search for sheltered accommodation. An advertisement in the Diocese of Lichfield magazine Spotlight offering a bed sit in St John’s hospital in The Close. I applied, was accepted and took up residency in November 2003, next to the Bishop of Lichfield’s residence and two weeks later at the St John’s annual Christmas lunch; I was seated to the Bishops right hand.  It all seemed too good to be true!

After six months in The Close, I moved to St John’s without the Barrs to a flat in the 1495 almshouse.  Life has brought me happiness I had never known to exist; now some eight years since moving to St John’s I have found a real community spirit…

My wife and I have been concerned with St John’s since moving to Lichfield in 1997. I have been a server in the Chapel until quite recently and my wife has been Chapel Treasurer for a number of years.

We actually moved in as Residents in 2004 after a very busy life in the licensed trade. Until then, we didn’t actually appreciate the peace and tranquillity that this lovely and ancient place of worship and hospitality has to offer. Apart from enjoying superior accommodation and pastoral care, we have a lovely quadrangle, numerous lawns, beautiful gardens, allotments, a bowling green and our own small wood!  All of this plus security at night and only a minute’s walk from the city centre.

We are so fortunate to live here and would recommend it to anyone who may want to remain active and be part of a caring community .